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Hidden Hairbrush Knife

Do you need an easily concealed and discreet personal defense weapon? It looks like an ordinary hairbrush, but the handle is actually a highly effective dagger crafted of super tough ABS, nylon, and fiberglass composite. Currently on sale at Amazon.

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Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust

A cookie is on the loose at a movie studio? Will anyone survive? Will anyone watching care?



"The Taiwanese government wants to approve a treaty between China which would influence most of the industry in Taiwan. Originally it would be examined by the congress, but the party of the government (KMT) try to avoid the examination, so the furious people have occupied the congress now to show their disappointment."



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This is my country, and today, the legislature in order to pass a bill of inequality, the ruling party to turn off the monitor, captured by the microphone to announce the bill, ignoring any opposition.

Please please Reblog this post let more people to see, the government ignored the democraticwe, please let more people know. 

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Most protesters are young adults and students who are concern about the future of Taiwan. 

Saw some protesters’ update today. The police and protesters outside of the building maintained in peaceful stalemate most of the time (protest strategy was “Police moves, we move”). I am very glad to hear several stories that police were not violent (or tried to), they were only trying to stop more protesters entering the building and removing them out. There were times where people negotiate with police so that they can send supplies in. HOWEVER, our government, politicians and news outlet still sucks and they tried to paint the protest as violent. Sadly unsurprisingly, major news media in Taiwan stay silent (even when there are reporters on scene) or have a very skewered coverage on this.

Taiwan had several large-scaled protests recent year, and none of them turn violent—there’s even not a piece of trash left the street at all after thousands of people protesting. It’s very sad that we have very kind and disciplined citizens, but with very short-sighted and overall greedy politicians….

I am not against ALL potential trade treaty, but I am definitely against and disgusted by Taiwanese government when they tried to force the treaty through without lawful examination and majority people’s voice :(

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